Kilobirin Fe - Rotimi Salami | Victoria Kolawole |Joke Jigan

Sholape, a beautiful married lady with insecurity issues outlines some marital laws for her husband as the bedrock of their union. How will her husband tackle her excesses without breaking out of their marriage? Can a woman have it all? Find out more in this intriguing and captivating movie

Every Woman - Lateef Adedimeji| Motilola Adekunle

The roles of women in society have really changed with modern-day realities and challenges. Can women have it all? What will be needed? Marriage is a life long union where everyone must learn to Compromised.. listening to all these Motivational speakers are misleading a lot of people in MARRIAGE.. they will tell u "I can't take that shit" believe me they endure the most in their Marriage suffering and Smiling and still come to tell the world bullshit­čśĆ... And as for social media .. May God help our generation...This is interesting...

THE POLICE REPORT- Bayo Alawaye| Adesuwa Onyenokwe

Hmmm dis is d great pain police report is causing in our country. A movie with a deep massage to the society as a whole. "save life first". Hospitals try to avoid loss of funds thereby causing death and incurring unplanned expenses on the family. And our wonderful police force who never know how important life is. They need to be upgraded with more efficient people. And to be paid well too. A lot of them are very frustrated. Thereby taking it out on the ppl, they are meant to protect. May God help us.

Arewa Oru - Night Beauty

find out more

Igbeyawo Big Mummy - ODUNLADE ADEKOLA

Will a young lady's secret remain a secret after she made a confession about some despicable acts she had committed. Find out more in this intriguing movie
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